A frog is just a frog
It’s not a prince
A wall is just a wall
It is not a door
A dead frog is just a dead frog
It leaves a stain
A stain is just a stain
Some mess to clean
A dead frog is the essence of
The stain
The stain is the reminder of the truth
The truth is just the truth
It is not a wish
A wish is just a wish
For a prince
A prince is just a dream
A kiss is just a kiss
A dream is just a dream
It does not hold
A fairy tale is a fairy-tale
It is just told

Ulrike Gerbig



One thought on “frog-prince

  1. The image of the dead frog leaving a stain, representing reality, starkly contrasting with the story of the prince creates a dichotomy that is hard to reconcile. Dead frog vs Frog Prince. The likely vs. the ideal. But is reality really so bad? or fairy-tales really just an illusion?

    Yes, this poem gives one much to think about.

    Thanks for sharing.

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