its a beginning…

"... life is a dream come true
 It all began...
Now I have found what I am looking for
 ...your beauty and nothing more
Beauty is the sensation of your heart
Beauty is in your smile
Beauty is a rose that falls
 Beauty is in your heart that touch mine
 Beauty is in our hands that touch
Beauty is what surrounds you
 Beauty is in the air and water
 Beauty is in your eyes as they glaze upon me
...Beauty is in the world
 That we have created
 A victory of passion...
Beauty of passion
There is beauty of a kind
 That knows no boundaries of time
 The shining part of you inside
That you can never hide
 What can I say to thee
 That touches beauty-love
To embrace what I see
 A truly lovely piece of art as you
As we leave this world
 ... beauty will prevail for you holds dear
How beauty shines from you...
To walk upon by endless others
 For beauty will last...
 Your beauty
 My dream
--Roger Blaschke

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