Life without ART,

by Darlene Lewis

Can you ask a baby not to cry?
can you ask a bird not to fly?
can you ask a flower not to bloom?
life without art is  death after doom
life without movement still and content
worthless meaningless time is spent
idle just slumber just plain and bland
no strokes no pens or pencil in hand
no music no prose  no blisters on toes
no broken hearted dancers no shows
only true artists understand and know
how life would be so grey and dark
life without love is life without art

rehearsals and go sees and cattle calls
no models no musicians at all
no mp3s or mov’s nor any html
no lyrics lost no cds to sell
no beats no bangs no blues no rock
no jazz no reggatone no not
museum walls crying for frames
artifacts unknown fossil names
markers paint oil and lead
art cannot live if it is dead
Art is a baby waiting to be
nurtured and loved eternally
Art is a Rose in full bloom
Life without art is Death after Doom


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