m a king pass ion ate love

Your lips touch mine
So soft so tender
So divine
As you compress
Emotions overcome
Heat, Passion begin 2 overun
Extacy begins to rise
Your body becomes weak
You begin 2 slip
As you fall
your body is all I seak
I wrap my arms around you
Bringing you closer and closer 2 mine
Soft N’ glistening body
So sleak, it shines
I look into your eyes
And I get lost
Consumed in a pool of
Intemit passion
Inriched in a burst of extacy
As your body comes closer 2 me
You grip so tight
As we make love the whole night
A grasp of air with each motion
Your nails dig in me
as you look into my eyes
you see the love explode within’ me
Holding you tight promising never 2 let go
Your body so close
As we move fast den end slow

Frandy Osias Lou


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