r u n n i n g f r o m l o v e

s h o o t l o c a t i o n: intramuros manila
You can't run from love;
Love is making you run;
Love is everywhere you've been;

Everything you've ever done.
 So don't you run, my love,
 Please don't turn and go;
Everything that's part of you,
Is a part of me, and so,
I knew the first time I saw you
I'd loved you in my past
But I never knew re-incarnation Could happen so fast.
Hold my hand,
I'm older than eighteen;

I've been with you 10,000 years,

Living in a timeless dream.

Don't run, don't run, don't run;

Say you'll never leave;

Your heart is my heart,

please believe.

richard jarboe

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