c am i ll e

Train Stations
I will ask you,
 where are you going?
 Do you go to school here?
 No - I don't either.

I will ask you,
 where are you headed - what are you doing here?
 I will ask you absolutely nothing.
 Leave you wondering,
 what happened to me.
 leave me wondering,
 what happened to me?
by Akaya Yaway

g i s e l l e

Waiting, waiting
WAITING, waiting. 'Tis so far
 To the day that is to come:
 One by one the days that are
 All to tell their countless sum;
 Each to dawn and each to die”
 What so far as by and by?

Waiting, waiting. 'Tis not ours,
 This to-day that flies so fast:
 Let them go, the shadowy hours,
 Floating, floated, into Past.
 Our day wears to-morrow's sky”
 What so near as by and by?
by Augusta Davies

With Ryan Aspe and Christine Valderosa

last flight from to a tree

The Last Flight
Far across the blue horizon,
 A white road lies.
 Covered by the green trees,
 Beneath the heavenly skies.
Far across the white road,
 A lonely trail goes,
 Where i was walking,
 Beneath the purple boughs.

Beaten and badly broken,
 I looked up in hope,
 And there found the ray,
 With whom i eloped.
Together we ran away,
 Away from this world,
 And i began to fly,
 And my wings were unfurled.
We ran on and on,
 Endlessly towards the end,
 Where the world is a memory,
 Left at every bend.
by Arijit Mnl