We Ken Love

from MissTeeLoves.wordpress.com

I first encountered Ken of KenPornillos Photography in a wedding where MangoRed was the official photographer, and he was part of the team. I even thought he was either Randall or Ryan. They were three in the team, but we were most comfortable with him because he kept on joking around and we eased up with him immediately. He is so easy to be with, so you won’t feel uneasy in front of the camera. I guess that’s why he always manages to bring out the naturalism in every photo he takes.

He is a perfectionist when it comes to his photos. He has a very keen eye for details. He can capture in a photo the extraordinary and special nature or quality of what seems like an ordinary thing.

He also has this love for animals. He takes beautiful shots of different kinds of animals.

Among his favorite subjects also are children. He loves taking photos of children, and he knows very well how to make a little child be comfortable with him. No matter how naughty a child is, he still manages to capture beautiful shots.

This photo was selected by the World Bank to be on the front page of their New World Magazine Winter Edition.

This was placed on the cover page of World Bank’s 2009 Calendar.

…and this was chosen as the photo for the month of January on the 2009 World Bank Calendar.

And of course, one can never miss Ken’s talent in wedding photography. He can make the couple act naturally in front of the camera, as if he’s not there. And man, the love! He masterfully captures the love between the couple, making their emotions surface through the picture. When you look at the photos, you will want to fall in love again and again.

So visit his blog at KenPornillos Photography for more of these photos and fall in love over and over again. πŸ™‚



thanks Miss tee…


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