bow. and wow.

…dog talk

and so too i have a dog
whose only language is

bow. and wow.



and true to the limits of his language

as he walks  and sways
and rolls   and runs like
a dog, and


true indeed to his nature this dog comes before him



and then it makes  the bow and then believing in his power and glory


this patriotic and loyal dog keeps on saying: wow wow wow




I Know Why The Caged Birds Sings

I Know why the caged birds sings.                                                                                                             For the sign of hope that tomorrow brings.

PhotobucketI know why the caged bird won’t fly.                                                                                              Because he rests on the soul of life and if he flies away he will surely die.


But tell me please, oh someone please,  please tell me                                                             because I just don’t understand why that one little caged bird cries.                                            Is he sad, is he lonely, is he discombobulated? 

PhotobucketThe poor little caged is lost on the road.                                                                                        Would someone please show him which way to go.                                                                                 I know why the caged bird sings. For a sign of faith that tomorrow brings.Photobucket

Jamal Brown

L i k e a S c o r p i o n

darkness has enveloped the bright clear sky
the tears never seem to run dry
slowly and softly like sad water they flow
taking away my life’s passionate glow..


i wonder if i had been doomed to fall
like a lowly scorpion i have to crawl
to be stepped upon by life’s most cruel forces
hiding behind the softest voices..

lowly as it may..its steps may only take one at a time
the limbs may show difficulty to climb
but never underestimate its innate power to resist
its sting must be telling something else..

deborah mae lacay

going away

Go Away

With all I am
I thought I was right
I thought you were worthy,
Worthy to be loved

Now in doubt,
I don’t know what to do
For your heart is somewhere else
As far from me as it can get

Now in shame
And sadness and pain
I push you to the back of my mind
Hoping you won’t bother me again

If you’ll go,
Go away forever
Don’t come back
And haunt me as ever

Run away with her,
I don’t care
I’ve got many before me,
It won’t matter

I’ve got lots to be thankful for,
No thanks to you
So go away,
I’ll even pave the way…

by WaterBlue


A frog is just a frog
It’s not a prince
A wall is just a wall
It is not a door
A dead frog is just a dead frog
It leaves a stain
A stain is just a stain
Some mess to clean
A dead frog is the essence of
The stain
The stain is the reminder of the truth
The truth is just the truth
It is not a wish
A wish is just a wish
For a prince
A prince is just a dream
A kiss is just a kiss
A dream is just a dream
It does not hold
A fairy tale is a fairy-tale
It is just told

Ulrike Gerbig