p o r t r a i t o f a c h i x

Don’t you ever dare call me chickenhead

Don’t you ever dare
 Don’t you ever dare call me chickenhead

Nobody has ever lived that ever did

Nobody has ever lived.

H a p p y F a t h e r s D a y

To many times days go by
Without me telling you just how I feel, and why
I guess it’s because the feeling is mutual and I assume it’s always there,
But I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, and how much I careThru the years I have often questioned your decisions with why?
Some were good, and some made me cry
But now that I’m older and look back in time, I understand
You were simply teaching me how to be a better man.May times in my life, when I have been lost and went astray,
You were always there, to guide me back and show me the way
Never asking for nothing in return,
Just hoping that maybe someday I would learn

Thru your wisdom and strength, I have learned so much
Many things in life can be handled with a gentle touch
These things you’ve taught me thru out the years
Most when I was happy, and some when I was in tears

I learned from you then, and I still learn from you now
That no matter what happens, life goes on somehow
I thank God everyday for having you here,
The reasons for that are very clear

The times we share together are priceless to me,
The things we do, the things we make, and the places we see
You are the best of friends any guy could ever have had,
That’s why I’m proud to say you are my dad

The things you’ve taught me I can never repay,
I’m just glad you’re here on this very special day
I am who I am because of you,
And I just wanted to say,
“Dad I love you”

Happy fathers day.

by Poison 9901

C l e a r l y , U n c l e a r

Open ended, closed sentences
 a few, yet countless pretences.

Darkness even in the light
 enormous, yet so slight.

 A vastness compressesd into a space
 a definite form, without a trace.

Coherently ambiguous thoughts
 willingly, yet incredulously sought.

Silent eyes that speak
 strong enough, yet quite weak.

Spoken words remain unsaid
 a clanging silence awaits instead.

A colorfully dull existence
 a purposeful, yet faint persistence.

Reading through the blank serenity
 an identifiable anonymity.

An unfeelingly emotional spread
 not alive, yet undead.....
  - aleme avni

I am Strange, I am Disconnected

I'm pursuing my teenage years while being completely lost
 Uncontrollable uncertainty unbinds me, shaking and stirring

False truths I then dwell upon, and then it proceeds to toss
 My senses into a chance direction, I latch onto anything alluring

    As my thoughts refine, soon I will find something to believe in
    Ill look at my reality with it to the point of total distortion
    That thing I hold onto becomes my spectacles until its worn thin
    Then it is gone through an impulse of insightful contemplation
    And again, I'll repeat the process that has made me very lost

                                                                              -Piscine Kipling

h i d e a n d s e e k i n g

Windy day's are here to stay seeking out there lonely prey,
Finding souls to carry home open the pit let noone know.

I see there shadows on the distant wall's lurking to gather all the lost souls,

hide and seek they always play knowing one day they will take you away..

It's there cause not yours to see the end Why must we run to no end?

Find your way to heavens front door knock loudly before its to late! !

Hide and Seek its your turn to play..

forgotten soul