D e e p F e e l i n g s (Love)

Lost in the light
 An authentic taste of what's right
 Clouded by joy in a ocean of love

Knowing of my destiny
 feeling it in the depths of my soul
 I feel this because of the inner contentment inside
 Acknowledging that emotion won't ever die

Being that my soul was captured there in your eyes
Something like a drug you take me to a natural high

Evantually I'd seen a reflection
 of your heart showing me such affection

Love is a paradise
 Full of happiness and bliss
 I'd see the love and it is powerful

Passionately, I'd feel the beautiful melodies
 with which my heart chimes

And in that moment our spirits would intwine
 And the likes of wild flames our hearts burn
 And if flowers should blossom than so will our love
 Hearts of fire

One true desire
 A love that is of true superior wealth
 Because of it being naturally genuine
 It will forever remain durableand will forever burn within us baby
Marcquiese Burrell


m a king pass ion ate love

Your lips touch mine
So soft so tender
So divine
As you compress
Emotions overcome
Heat, Passion begin 2 overun
Extacy begins to rise
Your body becomes weak
You begin 2 slip
As you fall
your body is all I seak
I wrap my arms around you
Bringing you closer and closer 2 mine
Soft N’ glistening body
So sleak, it shines
I look into your eyes
And I get lost
Consumed in a pool of
Intemit passion
Inriched in a burst of extacy
As your body comes closer 2 me
You grip so tight
As we make love the whole night
A grasp of air with each motion
Your nails dig in me
as you look into my eyes
you see the love explode within’ me
Holding you tight promising never 2 let go
Your body so close
As we move fast den end slow

Frandy Osias Lou

e yes on u

cat’s eye

I’ve been dreaming, existing,
Somewhat living in a humanity,
My world and eyes articulate truth,
the humans shout its woes,
I sense independence crawling,
Creeping its approach toward outside.
nowadays this delusion is comical,
contrasting whilst it’s mocked,
In it’s vicious business outfit,
I suffer like it’s my verve unfolding,
Telling me anywhere I started,
When it’s my moment within time to dive,
Well we will perceive,
I’ll swim the legend to the conclusion.
I’ll save those that are drowning in haziness,
And needing a safe tender hand tonight,
Open eyes, and an unfolding sensitivity,
For life is ours, for beauty is free. Eat or sleep

Tempy Jessica Quantick